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  • Jinmen Water Supply Project

  • 2017 XT2-2400 Apron Beijing Daxing International Airport Project

  • DN1000 and DN1600 pipe jacking in Cixi sewage treatment system upgrading project

  • Nitrile-butadiene DN1600 Aprons in Jiaxing Haiyan New Sewage Treatment Plant

  • Yan'an Yellow River Diversion Project DN1600 X ANCHOR RUBBER GASKET

  • Yuhang Branch of Qiandaohu Water Diversion in Hangzhou DN2600

  • Henan, Hebei, Beijing and Tianjin Sections of the South-to-North Water Transfer Project

  • In 1999, the first application of large-diameter aprons in Taiyuan Yellow River Project

  • Wuhan 6-rows DN2000 rubber gasket(SBR) drainage project is the best in Asia

  • Power Plant Phase II Project used DN1200 rubber gasket (EPDM)in Pingdingshan,Henan Province

  • Harbin Mopanshan DN1800 rubber gasket (EPDM) water diversion project

  • Long Distance Water Transfer DN1600 rubber gasket(EPDM) Project of Wanggedu Reservoir in Yulin, Shanxi

  • Tianjin seawater desalination project used DN1800 rubber gasket (EPDM)

  • Lanzhou 411 Water Pollution Event DN1600 Water Supply Project

  • The DN2000 rubber gasket(EPDM) project of Luoma Lake water source and second surface water plant in Xuzhou City

  • DN2200 rubber gasket(SBR)used water diversion project of Daxigou pipeline in Urumqi City

  • DN2400 Water Diversion Project of Huainan Coal Chemical Project

  • Ordos DN1200 Water Diversion Project